Action NC’s mission is to confront and reduce the root causes of poverty, underdevelopment, and social and economic inequality through grassroots education, training, organization and mobilization.

We organize in poor and working-income communities full of talented and committed people looking for an opportunity to work together to build a stronger and more secure future. We reach out to them in a variety of ways to offer them the opportunity to join, organize, fight, and win.


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Latest Updates

Mar 23, 2016

Statement on the passage of HB 2

For Immediate Release:Contact: Kevin Rogers, 919.862.4009, kevin@actionnc.org   Action NC statement on the passage of HB 2 "This bill is legalized discrimination, plain and simple."  (Raleigh, NC) Moments ago, the North Carolina House hurriedly passed HB 2, designed to nullify...

Oct 14, 2015

61 empty gestures

For the 61st time since 2011, Congressional Republicans are moving legislation to undermine and dismantle key elements of the Affordable Care Act. Yes, you read that correctly. But believe it or not,...

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