Should public education in North Carolina change?
signed Boehner Debt Plan Call Report 2011-07-26 19:30:54 -0400
I spoke with Larry Kissell office and told him: I’m a registered democrat and I’m very frustrated with the Democratic Party and the President. What’s the use of having a Democrat President and a Democratic Party if the Republican controls “YOU”, forces you to vote their way? The Republicans control the White House, the House and the Senate regardless of which party is serving. Democrat’s caves in on every decision making the Republican put forth. The Democrats has a serious problem standing their ground, standing for what they believe in. This make the President Obama look weak and weepy. Again, what’s the use of having a Democratic Party if you’re going to allow the Republicans to control you, make you vote their policy and pass their bills! The middle class and lower class people truly don’t have one person in White House, Senate and House to represent them because Democrats consistently allow the Republican to force them into passing their far right bills, plans and agenda? It better be Revenue in the Debt Ceiling Bill. I’m tired of defending my Democratic party and I’m most definitely tired of defending my President. I don’t feel like voting in 2012 because, why should I? The Republican will control everything even if they are the minority. The President and the Democrats allow for this to happen! This whole thing is making me sick physically. Who’s defending me????
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