Expand Medicaid in 2019

It is past time for North Carolina to expand our Medicaid program. More than 500,000 of our family, friends, and neighbors would benefit, and this is the year to make it happen. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • NORTH CAROLINA NEEDS EXPANSION: More than half-a-million North Carolinians would gain quality, affordable healthcare that they need, especially for substance use disorders or chronic conditions like diabetes.
  • NORTH CAROLINA WANTS EXPANSION: Polls are showing strong and consistent support for expansion.
  • ECONOMIC BENEFITS: Expansion would inject billions of dollars back into the state to provide more coverage for more people, while protecting families from medical debt and bankruptcy.

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Speaker Moore and Senate Pro-Tem Berger: As North Carolinians who have been waiting too long, we demand you support a real Medicaid expansion in 2019.

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