While Action NC works on campaigns statewide, the core of who we are is rooted in organizing our local communities. For us this means our work in Durham and Charlotte. Many of the larger campaigns you see on our site are sprung from the local level.

Tenant and Housing Issues

In Durham, we are working within a coalition of groups to ensure that affordable housing is both maintained and added around new transit hubs as a result of new bus lines and the rail system. As well as helping tenants organize to hold slum landlords accountable for their properties.

In Charlotte,  we have been working with several apartment complexes to empower tenants to organizing campaigns to improve conditions in their communities. Issues have included ensuring proper maintenance of property and apartments, and improving relations with abusive office staff, and improving landlord water billing practices. Tenants are also forming stronger bonds with local government departments like the Community Relations Committee and Code Enforcement.

Senior Organizing

In both cities, we are organizing active senior groups to help senior citizens be empowered to fight for issues that are of 

concern to them including the attacks on Medicare and Social Security. Other issues that concerns this group is senior fraud and neighborhood safety.

Neighborhood Safety

In both cities we are working to organize communities to end community blight. When abandoned houses and lots remain in disarray, it leads to a rise in safety concerns in our neighborhoods. We need landlords, cities, and banks to take respon

Voting Rightssibility for their homes and land to help make sure our 

neighborhoods are safe. We can get their through organizing communities to make their voices heard.

As an organization, Action NC is concerned with the recent attacks on voting rights and the efforts to reduce access to voting through voter ID's and reduced polling stations. Action NC continues to work in all our communities to ensure that people are registered to vote, understand the voter  ID requirements for future elections, and where polling stations are. Action NC leads GOTV efforts to ensure or members and communities can get to the polls to cast their vote.