Keep_TABOR_out_of_NC.jpgSenate Bill 817 would permanently freeze the state’s personal income tax rate at 5.5 percent at a high cost to North Carolina’s communities. With the rate already set to fall to 5.499 percent on January 1, 2017, the cap would cut off a vital source of revenue.

This TABOR provision is similar to what has been tried, and has miserably failed, in other states. We don't need to try more failed economic policies here at home.

We, the undersigned, urge North Carolina leaders to reject constitutional changes or TABOR-like legislation that would put in place arbitrary formulas and ineffective restrictions on spending and tax decisions. These policies are proven failures and will undercut NC's ability to invest in the schools, universities, health care and other public services that support a strong economy.

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Mary Bissell
Sue Christiansen
Mariebessie Crawford
Edith Collind
William Dawson
John Herron
Joan Poole
Beth Pickering
Jenny Barbara Lincoln
Susan Howell
jimmy phi
Daryl Bowks
Susanne Rolland
Rita Raftery
Jean White
Karl Stromberg
Ned Martin
Jerry Vick
Andrew Leon
Jamie Heath
Bettie Kirkpatrick
Hal Trufan
Maile Epperson
Betsy Hester
Jim Myers
Cheryl McGraw
Amy Stanley
Leslie Cassidy
Edna Beeman
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