Trump Sabotage


Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans are doing everything they can to sabotage Obamacare—and Trump has called for Obamacare to "implode".

Open enrollment for the year 2018 starts on November 1st. Normally around this time of the year (as was done in past years), there is a coordinated effort by the federal government, states, nonprofits and advocacy groups to get the word out to people who haven't enrolled yet as well as reminding enrollees it's time to re-up.

And now, Trump has issued a disastrous executive order cutting off payments that reduce health care costs to lower-income Americans.

We stopped Republicans from repealing or replacing Obamacare, and we cannot let it fail now. Sign now to denounce the Trump administration’s sabotage of Obamacare.

I care about health care, and I am deeply concerned by the Trump Administration's actions to unilaterally weaken the Affordable Care Act. President Trump's latest Executive Order and his decision to cut cost-sharing reduction subsidies will cause premiums to rise even further for NC families.

President Trump shouldn't be able to work around Congress to dismantle our health care system. As my elected representative, I am counting on you to do everything in your power to protect and improve our health care system. Please begin by supporting bipartisan efforts to pass market stabilization measures, including funding for cost-sharing reduction subsidies.

There are many different opinions about how to make our American health care system better for all of us. But we can't start making health care better by causing premiums to rise 20% or more or by destabilizing the current market.

Do everything you can to protect our health care.

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