What we do: 

Our goal is to build grassroots political power by increasing the number of registered voters in minority and low-wealth communities and increasing the number of these voters who participate in the election process. These voters and communities matters, and they are more than just a pawn in the political game. They wield great power, and the more who vote, the greater that power can become. Equal access to voting is under attack, which makes the work of building grassroots political power that much more important. 

How we do it: 

  • Education – Generating and distributing issue-based materials, both in neighborhoods we currently organize in as well as outreach directed at our target universe of African American, immigrant, women and all RAE (Rising American Electorate) voters.
  • Participation - Volunteer voter registration in neighborhoods and at public sites, literature distribution, and public presentations on early voting/SDR/voting rights/issues at stake, institutional outreach, and earned media.
  • Mobilization – Get out the vote (GOTV) canvassing and phone banking during the election season and direct action during the legislative session on issues of voting rights and community development.