15 and a Union...Whatever It Takes!

photo by Enid Valu

In 150 cities across the U.S., fast food workers rallied, chanted, sat down and even got arrested for something most of us take for granted...a living wage.  A core American principal is "the enjoyment of the fruits of one's labor."  But when workers are burdened with excessive debt and wages are intentionally kept low, many fast food workers (along with other service providers like nurses and teachers) find themselves in an economic limbo...a modern form of sharecropping. 

Charlotte fast food workers, rallying under the NCRaiseUP! banner chanted, waved signs and spoke out about their jobs, wage theft, shifting schedules and low-pay.  What was once the first rung on a ladder of success has become an ever-deepening hole with fewer and fewer opportunities for escape.  

Workers rallied in support of a $15 minimum wage, the right to form a union...and each other.  

In the words of one of their chants, "Lies and tricks will not divide, workers standing side by side!"

(Photo by Enid Valu)