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Given all the partisan skullduggery of the past week both in Washington and in Raleigh, you might not have noticed that the NC General Assembly has voted to place a number of constitutional amendments on the ballot in November:

- One will mandate voter ID for all elections, allow legislators more power to restrict our voting access.

- One will cap the state income tax at 7%, causing municipalities to increase local taxes to make up the difference.

- One will allow General Assembly to appoint replacement judges, recklessly taking more power for themselves.

These proposed amendments to our state constitutional are nothing more than a boldfaced attempt to draw more Republican voters to the polls in November – polls consistently show that Republicans have an enormous problem with motivating their voters this year.

But these proposals will cause real problems for real people if enshrined in our state constitution. We all know the chilling effect voter ID can have on older, disabled, and poor voters – it was so damaging that a law requiring it was struck down by the courts in 2016. Arbitrarily limiting the rate of income tax simply makes the jobs of future legislators more difficult, and shifting the power to appoint replacement judges is power grab, pure and simple.

We cannot allow these proposals to become a permanent part of our state. We are better than this. Our state is better than this. We can do so much better.

Sign our pledge to oppose these constitutional amendments in November at the ballot box, and sign up for more information about how to fight these amendments on the streets. We only have four short months to educate the entire state about these proposals, and we need all the help we can get.

As a North Carolina voter, I pledge to vote against all of the proposed Constitutional Amendments on the ballot in November.

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