SunTrust STOP Financing Private Prisons

Today, members of Action NC and Moms Rising NC testified at the Federal Reserve hearing on the proposed BB&T and SunTrust merger. Every speech was powerful and showed just how much our community is concerned about the proposed merger between the two banking institutions. 

According to an April 2019 report, SunTrust is a leading lender to private prisons and its proposed merger will only increase its ability to finance this industry, which profits from mass incarcerations and the criminalization of immigrants.

Public and private prisons are equally damaging when it comes to their role in the criminal justice system, which criminalizes people of color, tears people from their loved ones, and contributes to generational poverty and economic instability. But, private prisons are distinct, in that they generate profits from the pain of communities and the separation of families. The private prison and detention industry is a $5 billion enterprise, made possible by government contracts and facilitated by debt financing and investments made by Wall Street firms like SunTrust.

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How Trump has trumped your rights

slide2.pngPolicy changes happen so regularly in government that it oftentimes does not cause great concern. Since Donald Trump has taken office, every policy that has been suggested or imposed has received fierce backlash from a majority of the country. He has started to fulfill his campaign promise in regards to cutting funding for the EPA, slashing regulations at the CDC and FDA, and attempting to delete Obama-care from existence.

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Message to Tillis

(Charlotte, NC) On Friday, community leaders, concerned citizens, and allies will rally outside of Sen. Thom Tillis’ office to demand the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate Russian interference in the election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign, and to make clear their outrage over the House of Representative’s bill to repeal the Affordable Act, and expectation that Senator Tillis opposes it when the Senate takes up health care reform.

“Americans supported an independent investigation before Comey’s firing. Now people everywhere are demanding it,” said Pat McCoy, Executive Director of Action NC. “The American people deserve and respect the truth, and it is irresponsible and un-American at this point for Thom Tillis and any other Senator to oppose the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to ensure that politics and partisanship does not come before the truth and our national interest.

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Statement on AHCA House passage

GOP Repeal Bill Strips Health Care from Millions to Finance $600 Billion Tax Giveaway to Corporations, Wealthiest

 Below is a statement from Kevin Rogers, Policy Director of Action NC, on the House vote to pass the American Health Care Act:

 “Today’s vote is a shameful display of partisan politics at its worst. Despite unprecedented outrage from constituents, House Republicans voted to take health care away from over one million North Carolinians, abandon Americans with pre-existing conditions, slash Medicaid, and raise health care costs for all families to give over $600 billion in tax breaks to the very wealthy and the big insurance and drug companies.

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Trump's First 100 Days

1.jpgTomorrow marks Donald Trump’s first 100 days as President. When it comes to health care, Trump’s first 100 days have been about breaking every single promise he made on his way to the White House.

For starters, Trump said, “We’re going to have insurance for everybody.” But that’s not true. Under the House Republican bill that Trump supports, 52 million Americans will be without insurance in 2026.

Trump also said that, “there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid,” but the GOP plan will cut $880 billion from Medicaid alone.

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AHCA update

bad-doctor.jpgDespite overwhelming public opposition to their plans to repeal health care, which have been rejected by people in town hall meetings across the country and poll after poll, Republicans keep trying to take away our health care with a bill that is so bad, they have exempted themselves from it. Just like the last plan, it raises costs and cuts coverage and now it guts protections for people with preexisting conditions.

Here’s exactly what the latest version of the Republican health care repeal plan does:

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Action NC heads to Jackson Hole

7 Federal Reserve Presidents and Governor to Meet with Charlotte leaders in Jackson Hole

Officials to field questions in unprecedented on-the-record session with 120 community leaders

Six Federal Reserve Presidents and one Governor have accepted the invitation of Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther George to meet with leaders from the Fed Up coalition for an on-the-record discussion of Fed monetary policy and governance just before the start of the annual Policy Symposium that she hosts in Jackson Hole, WY. Action NC, a community organizing and issue advocacy group based in Charlotte, is one of the participating organizations and will have 10 members and staff present at the meeting.

Fed Up members will ask questions about the officials’ views regarding the appropriate path of interest rates in the coming years and their opinions about reforming the Fed’s structure in 2017. 

The session represents a significant step forward for the Fed Up coalition, which has for two years been campaigning to ensure that the experiences and opinions of working class people of color play a central role in the thinking of Federal Reserve decision-makers.

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Statement on the passage of HB 2

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Kevin Rogers, 919.862.4009, [email protected]


Action NC statement on the passage of HB 2

"This bill is legalized discrimination, plain and simple."

 (Raleigh, NC) Moments ago, the North Carolina House hurriedly passed HB 2, designed to nullify protections afforded to transgender people in Charlotte. But HB 2 goes further than that, mandating that state law supersedes all local ordinances concerning wages, employment, and public accommodations. It would also restrict single-sex public restrooms and locker rooms in publicly run facilities to people of the same sex on their birth certificate.

 “We have been down this road before in North Carolina,” said Kevin Rogers, Policy Director for the advocacy group Action NC. “It’s been only a year since North Carolina’s divisive and discriminatory Amendment One was struck down, and we are again facing the specter of legalized discrimination in our state, propagated through the extremism of the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly .”

This bill is legalized discrimination, plain and simple. To add insult to injury, the bill was introduced, “debated”, and passed in a single day. It is now heading to the Governor’s desk for approval.

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61 empty gestures

hopeless.jpgFor the 61st time since 2011, Congressional Republicans are moving legislation to undermine and dismantle key elements of the Affordable Care Act.

Yes, you read that correctly. But believe it or not, this time will be (at least a little) different.

First, this will be the first time Republicans will use the budget process known as “reconciliation” to advance repeal. Using a budget reconciliation bill prevents Democrats from filibustering the legislation in the Senate, meaning only 51 votes are needed for passage in expedited debate.

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Polling show ACA is here to stay

1.jpgA new survey shows that the majority of likely voters in five key battleground states – Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia – believe the Affordable Care Act is here to stay (64%) and that Congress should work to improve the law (71%).

The survey, which was released by Community Catalyst and Service Employees International Union (SEIU), found that likely voters prefer a candidate who will work to improve the law over one who would repeal it (55% vs. 40%). Most agreed elected officials should “stop wasting time” trying to repeal the law (58%) and instead focus on a variety of improvements to lower the cost of care.

“These research findings confirm what we continue to hear over and over across North Carolina. People are frustrated with repeated efforts to repeal the ACA. It’s time to recognize that the law is here to stay.” said Kevin Rogers, Policy Director for Action NC.  “We need to move forward to find ways to continue to lower health care costs for people and address issues such as high co-payments and escalating drug prices.”

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