What you don't know about the abortion bill

IMG_abortion-DISPLAY.jpg_2_1_I03TDB5M_L100728807.JPGThe NC Senate approved it’s version of HB 465 last night, the bill that would unnecessarily force North Carolina women to wait 72 hours before receiving an abortion. This is the provision of the bill that has garnered the most attention and that is causing most of the outrage. But believe it or not, it actually gets worse.

The original bill contained two central parts: the 72 hours waiting period, and a requirement that only doctors board certified as OB-GYN's would be able to provide abortions.  The waiting period is bad enough, but the doctor provision would have left roughly 40 of North Carolina's 100 counties without a doctor who could provide the service. Last night Senators changed that language to require a doctor be "sufficiently trained" based on existing medical standards to deal with complications from abortions. That’s good news.

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Calling out McCrory over DACA

11059664_975185015847276_896937876130325049_n.jpgLast week's action in Raleigh was amazing!

We decided we had to do something after months of attempting to contact McCrory's office to request a meeting to discuss our concerns regarding the DAPA lawsuit and being completely ignored without so much as a call to say the Governor's office could not meet with us. We felt that McCrory's office was disrespecting the community by ignoring us.

As you probably know by now, our Governor McCrory joined NC to a 26 state lawsuit challenging President Obama's completely legal and constitutional Executive Action on Immigration from November of 2014. These attorneys general and governors seek to put a stop to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parental Responsibility (DAPA) programs that would benefit close to 5 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows in our country. Not only that, this lawsuit will hurt our country and our state.

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NC gets D+ for working women

NotEnoughHands.jpgA new report out from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research ranks North Carolina “D+” in policies and practices important to work and family. That places North Carolina 35th overall in the rankings. Nearly 30 percent of North Carolina women work at low-wage jobs, and at the current rate of pay, IWPR predicts women will not reach equal pay with men until 2064. 


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Statement on Obama's executive action

President Obama just announce an historic change to our country’s immigration system, achieved by executive action. The directives contained a number of components that will strengthen our border and national security, ensure that our enforcement resources are used to go after felons and not families, and give close to 5 million people the chance to come out of the shadows and gain temporary legal status in the United States, and keep families together, ensuring stronger communities.

 The main components of the plan include:

  • A new deferred action program for 4.1 million immigrants who have been in the country for at least 5 years and have citizen or permanent resident children;
  • An expansion of the DACA program to remove the age cap and move up the year of arrival for eligibility, which will cover 300,000 more Dreamers; and
  • Changes to our enforcement priorities to focus on terrorists, national security threats, and other serious offenders first and foremost. 
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Enfermo, Cansado, y Todavia Votando

No me siento bien. Hoy me levanté con una fiebre y el cuerpo adolorido. Casi me siento como si tendría avispas en la garganta. Está lloviendo y hace mucho frío. Todo esto y todavía estoy en el trabajo ayudando hacer llamadas para recordarles a todos que voten. ¿Por qué hago esto? ¿Qué es lo que me motiva a salir de mi casa tan enfermo en un día como este, especialmente durante un año frustrante para nuestra comunidad?

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¿Debería Votar Este Año?

¿Debería yo votar este año? ¿Para qué votar, si no hará ninguna diferencia? Estas son algunas de las preguntas que he escuchado de la comunidad. Muchos se han estado preguntando cual es el valor de nuestro voto, si seguimos eligiendo funcionarios políticos quienes nunca cumplen con sus promesas. Estas son preguntas válidas, las cuales se merecen respuesta.

Para ser honesto, yo mismo me he preguntando lo mismo. Estoy súper enojado con la falta de cumplimiento de promesas, por parte de nuestros representantes electos. Las opciones para candidatos son casi siempre pésimas. Me parece que la mayoría de las veces nuestro sistema electoral sirve más para elegir el candidato menos peor, en vez de el mejor. Hasta erróneamente he pensado no votar este año.

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NC gets failing grade on women's health

timthumb.jpgNorth Carolina is ranked #40 in the country and received a final grade of D- for health coverage for women in the 2014 Women’s Health Report Card released today by Action NC.

The report card provides an important measure of the state’s record on women’s health as politicians court women voters ahead of the November elections and continue to debate whether North Carolina will accept federal funds to cover more uninsured adults under Medicaid. 

Currently, there are more than 200,000 uninsured women in North Carolina who could get health care coverage if politicians agreed to take up federal funding for Medicaid expansion.

The 2014 Women’s Health Report Card for North Carolina is available by clicking here.

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Coming Soon: Equality

nope.jpgWhile you were drinking your morning coffee, the Supreme Court of the United States announced a huge decision. Rather, it was a non-decision: they denied cert to six cases that struck down prohibitions on same-sex marriage around the country. While North Carolina wasn't one of them, this decision will have a very real impact here. Essentially, this Supreme Court just blessed gay marriage, and invalidated any laws (or constitutional amendments) prohibiting it. In very short order, North Carolina will have marriage equality. For everyone.

Let me tell you why this is so important, even if you aren't gay.

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Young, Black and Cuffed

In light of recent murders by police of unarmed Black men like Trayvon Martin, Jonathan Ferrell and Michael Brown, the sight of Ty Turner, a young Black man, being handcuffed and wrestled to the ground sent some onlookers into a near-panic.  This assault, however, didn't take place in a dark alley in a seedy, low-income neighborhood, however.  And Mr. Turner was not a young miscreant up to no good. 

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15 and a Union...Whatever It Takes!

photo by Enid Valu

In 150 cities across the U.S., fast food workers rallied, chanted, sat down and even got arrested for something most of us take for granted...a living wage.  A core American principal is "the enjoyment of the fruits of one's labor."  But when workers are burdened with excessive debt and wages are intentionally kept low, many fast food workers (along with other service providers like nurses and teachers) find themselves in an economic limbo...a modern form of sharecropping. 

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