Burr and Tillis: Defend our Health!


We deserve better than a tax cut for the rich disguised as health care reform. The so-called "American Health Care Act" is nothing more than a giveaway to the richest among us, and the House has already given this horrible bill their stamp of approval.

This bill would take us back to the days when insurance companies made all the rules. It would eliminate any requirement that insurers cover basic health benefits like prescription drugs, preventive services, and maternity care. It lets insurers charge people with pre-existing conditions whatever they want. It allows women and older people to be charged more than men and young people. Plus, it radically restructures Medicaid, over time cutting services to seniors, children and people with disabilities and shifting huge financial burdens to the state budget.

Fortunately, the bill still has to pass the US Senate, and many Senators are weary of the draconian cuts and ridiculous cost it would impose on everyday people all over this country.

We want our Senators from North Carolina to know that we oppose this bill, and we demand they do the same.

Senator Burr and Senator Tillis: As North Carolinians, we demand you protect the hard-won protections for our health contained in Affordable Care Act, now under threat by the ACHA. We put you in office to protect all of us and our families, and we think this is an excellent time to start. 

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