Keeping Families Together

This is an exciting and emotional time for our movement in defense of immigrant families! It is an election year and we have the chance to finally elect a president that will support and defend our families. 

In the meantime, our children are being kidnapped by immigration officials and sent back to dangerously violent conditions in their home countries.

Pedro Salmerón came here in 2014 fleeing dangerous conditions in El Salvador. One week before coming to the United States, his cousin was murdered because he refused to join a gang. Fearing for his own life, Pedro came here in hopes of a better future and to be reunited with his parents and little sister.

Pedro is a brilliant young man who hopes to one day be a computer engineer. But, he needs your help!

Pedro is currently facing deportation, for simply coming to this country without documents. If sent back, he will most likely be facing certain death.

On March 8th, Pedro's family and others like them will be traveling to Washington DC, to meet with their members of Congress, in hopes of finding relief. We will be participating in trainings and on the 10th sit down with members of Congress to advocate for immigration reform and find a solution to the unjust raids plaguing our country and separating our families. 

Please make a donation and help Pedro's family get to DC. 

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GOAL: $500.00
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