Who We Are: We are a statewide collective of North Carolina residents, including health and legal professionals, social service providers, students, community organizers, and impacted persons who’ve been working together since March 2020 to ensure every resident in our state has access to safe, stable housing during the pandemic. We recognize that housing is both a human right and a matter of public health. Preventing evictions and utility shut-offs are essential to reducing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our communities safe. 


History of #NeedAHome2StayAtHome: Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been advocating for a moratorium on evictions in our state and monetary relief for families who are unable to afford rent and utilities. We succeeded in getting a moratorium on evictions in the early months of the pandemic. However, that moratorium was lifted for a period of time from June to September. During that time there were over 18,000 evictions which resulted in over 15,000 new cases of COVID-19 and over 300 deaths before a new moratorium was issued in October. The current moratorium is due to expire at the end of 2020, leaving thousands of families in our state vulnerable to eviction and causing a spike in new infections and deaths statewide if immediate action isn’t taken to prevent it. We stand in solidarity with families across the state of North Carolina and across the country who are impacted by this crisis and demand immediate relief to prevent mass evictions and utility shut-offs. 


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Maybe instead of listing all the orgs we provide a contact form? Thinking both of security and logistics. Form could ask people to list what city/county they’re in and then we could forward it to the respective organizers in the network to follow up with them/we should ask the group to see what orgs want to be contacted and which ones don't. I only see this as an issue if orgs don't want to be contacted or feel the need for added security. And also sometimes it takes a while for people to get contacted. Don't want to leave folks empty-handed. (what do you think)


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Housing Is A Human Right Campaign (NC Eviction Defense): We’re joining housing justice advocates around the country in supporting families who refuse to vacate their homes if faced with eviction when the CDC moratorium expires. We demand immediate relief for these families including rent relief and a moratorium on evictions and utility shut-offs. Without this relief, millions will lose their housing in the middle of winter and at the peak of the pandemic. Mass evictions will result in a surge of infections and deaths endangering the health of everyone in our communities. 


Downloadable Action Packet: Download this packet of actions you can take wherever you are to join in this campaign and help prevent mass evictions.


Amy’s Story




Amy, Alamance County, NC 

We have been housing insecure for years. Seriously, where are we going to go? We could go with my mom but she has early onset dementia. Both my husband and I have had experience in prison, and have had our kids taken away from us by DSS. When I got home from prison, I promised that I wanted to put as much good in the world as I could. We were able to get two of our kids back, and for the third, we go to court on December 30th, and not having stable housing isn’t a good look. I work from home, but my contract work ends in December. 


We haven’t done anything so bad in life that we don’t deserve a home. No one should ever be hungry or should not have a place to stay. If by doing this action I can get help, or get help to other people, or I can let them know it's ok to be here in this position. 


Covid has made it even harder to find a home. We have been evicted before, but before, we just go to another bad landlord. With Covid, there are almost no openings. So during a pandemic, we are going to go into a homeless shelter around a bunch of people who can’t socially distance? We always thought we’d find something else, but not during a pandemic. The government shouldn’t make it so hard to get a house, it shouldn’t be hard to let someone live somewhere, and especially people with families and small children. 


Incoming President Biden needs to get people back on their feet. People have lost hours and wages. He needs to give them resources. He needs to immediately provide relief to people who might have to leave the next day when the sheriff has to drag us out. He needs to end evictions. I know that there are more people than us that are housing insecure and through this action, I want to highlight that it's not just us. I want to do everything for us and our family. It is important for my kids to know that I am making a difference in the world and this is a good way to make a difference.


(Stories from Others Involved in the Network?)


Story Capture Feature: If you are facing a situation similar to Amy’s and would like to share your story… Include a statement about erasing the stigma of housing instability and how common the experience is