Race Talks Charlotte

We live in a complicated world where we all have ideas about each other. The media has a tendency to represent us not always in the best light. These negatives images lead to misconceptions and divisions in our community. To make matters worse, our elected officials often pass policies that divide us or have us competing for the same resources. Unfortunately, in some cases this can cause us to engage in what may be labeled "Oppression Olympics.”

It is time that we as people of color come together and learn about each other. What makes us different? What do we have in common? What divides us? What are the issues we face within our own communities? Where are there opportunities to learn from each other? Where are there opportunities to come together?

To that end, Action NC, Charlotte NAACP, South Asian Community of the Carolinas, and ally organizations are coming together to sponsor a six-week series of conversations about what it is like to be a person of color in the United States and in the Southeast. Each week, a different group will speak about their experiences as members of a specific racial, ethnic or cultural group. Each conversation will be hosted by the community speaking that week. 

Join us on Wednesday, August 31, as we kick the series off to talk about the Latino experience.

The following weeks will cover the Asian, Black, LGBTQ, and African experiences.

The idea is for cultural groups to attend each other's events and learn. All of this will culminate with a final conversation on what it is like to be a person of color in the US and the Southeast. We will discuss topics brought up in the prior 5 weeks, including differences and commonalities, opportunities for collaboration, opportunities to elevate and support each other, and steps to address the systemic barriers to our success.


Week 1: The Latinos Experience, 6pm, Wednesday, September 14

Week 2: The African American Experience

Week 3: The Asian Experience

Week 4: The African Experience

Week 5: Being LGBTQ in a Community of Color

Week 6: Being a Person of Color in the United States