Statement on the passage of HB 2

For Immediate Release:
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Action NC statement on the passage of HB 2

"This bill is legalized discrimination, plain and simple."

 (Raleigh, NC) Moments ago, the North Carolina House hurriedly passed HB 2, designed to nullify protections afforded to transgender people in Charlotte. But HB 2 goes further than that, mandating that state law supersedes all local ordinances concerning wages, employment, and public accommodations. It would also restrict single-sex public restrooms and locker rooms in publicly run facilities to people of the same sex on their birth certificate.

 “We have been down this road before in North Carolina,” said Kevin Rogers, Policy Director for the advocacy group Action NC. “It’s been only a year since North Carolina’s divisive and discriminatory Amendment One was struck down, and we are again facing the specter of legalized discrimination in our state, propagated through the extremism of the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly .”

This bill is legalized discrimination, plain and simple. To add insult to injury, the bill was introduced, “debated”, and passed in a single day. It is now heading to the Governor’s desk for approval.

 “Senator Berger and Speaker Moore should be ashamed of the slipshod and hurried way in which this bill was pushed through in a single day,” said Pat McCoy, Executive Director of Action NC. Our elected representatives and the public alike should have more than ten minutes to consider a bill that will effectively erase decades of civil rights protections in our state.”

We call on Governor McCrory to veto this bill immediately and without hesitation.