Voter Pledge

In 2017, Congress passed a tax plan that gives the richest 1% of households a $55,000 tax break in 2019, lowers taxes for big Wall Street banks, insurance companies and drug manufacturers and at the same time cut healthcare for millions of families. Healthcare cuts hurt women and their families most, especially women of color already facing racial and gender inequities in our country.

  • Two-thirds of adults with Medicaid coverage are women. Medicaid covers more women’s health services than any other health insurance program including nearly half of all births in the United States and 75% of family planning services.
  • Women of color depend more on Medicaid than white women: 30% of Black women and 24% of Hispanic women are enrolled in Medicaid, compared to 14% of white women. Women of color are more often leading households than white women yet earn less and are less likely to have employer-sponsored insurance coverage or other benefits.
  • The ACA cut the number of uninsured women (ages 19–64) by almost half from 2010 to 2016 and stopped gender discrimination. Under ACA insurance companies an no longer charge women more than men for the same policy and are required cover basic benefits like pre-natal care, maternity care, mental health, and hospitalization that used to cost women more. Women of color, who were more likely to be without insurance, made the most gains in coverage under the ACA.


On Tuesday, November 6th, I pledge to vote because it’s up to us to protect healthcare for women and families.

Will you sign?

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